On November 9, 2005, the IVRC&D and the Ioway Trail Project held a trails development workshop in Toledo. The following notes and attachments from that workshop are available here for reading or download.
 Note: Attachments in Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt) format will require installation of a PPT compatible viewer which can be downloaded, if necessary, from Microsoft.com.


Presenters at the workshop included:

  • Ms. Jeanne Baugous, Director of the Humboldt County Conservation Board
  • Ms. T. C. Loving, Three Rivers Trail Council
  • Mr. Mike Lehman, Iowa Valley Resource Conservation & Development Board Member
  • Mr. Steve Bowman, IDOT Transportation Planner
  • Mr. David Thomson, Outdoor Recreation Planner, National Park Service
  • Mr. Terry Dahms, Editor of “Trails Advocate”, Newsletter of the Iowa Trails Council


Funding Opportunities for Trail Development
Click HERE to download a .ppt copy of Steve Bowman’s presentation regarding sources of funds for trail development in Iowa. Note that additional information on trail fund sources is available online at

Economic Impact of Local Trails
Click HERE to download a .txt transcript of Mike Lehman’s workshop presentation.

The Three Rivers Trail of North Central Iowa
Click HERE to download a .ppt copy of Jeanne Baugous’ presentation of the Three Rivers Trail in and around Humboldt County, Iowa.

Trail Advocacy
Click HERE to download a web copy of Terry Dahms’ presentation.

Newspaper Coverage
Click HERE to download a Word .doc file describing the workshop.