The Ioway Trail Project meeting times have recently changed. Check the minutes (posted below) and the event calendar for specific meeting times and locations. The agenda for upcoming meetings and minutes from the last meeting may be posted below.

The next meeting of the Ioway Trail Project will be at 10:00 AM, Wednesday, March 7, 2007 at the Johnson County Conservation Center at Kent Park.
Please attend if you are able.



Ioway Trail February 14th meeting at the Amana Museum†††† Meeting Minutes


Welcome & Introductions:† Present at the meeting were Christine Taliga Iowa Valley RC&D

Laura Hawks RDG Planning&Design

Lee Sorenson Iowa County  Conservation  

Harry  Graves   Johnson CCB

Terry Dahms Iowa City Trials

Glenn Suchomel Chelsea Iowa

Craig Wise Chelsea Iowa

Bob Etzel Tama CCB

Donna Sampson Region 6 Planning

Peter  Hoehnle  Amana Heritage Socisty

Linda Yoder Iowa County  Supervispor /IV RC&D

Don Torny Iowa County  Engineer

Rod Scott Iowa River Greenbelt Resource Trust

Tom Christoffer STC Recreation Trail Committee Tama

Christa Perkins Geode Resource Conservation & Development  

Mary McBee STC Recreation Trail Committee Tama

Julie Ohde Lousisa CCB

Nate Hoogreen Iowa DNR

Julian West Iowa DNR


Lanny Haldey with the Amana Trails Association gave a brief report about the trail efforts in the Amanaís.† Construction for the trail through the Village of middle Amana to Hwy 220 is slated for late summer/early fall of 2007.


Tom Christoffer with the STC Recreational Trail Committee gave an update of their trail efforts they are working on building the next mile of trail the summer of 2007.† Tom led the group in a special song he developed for the Ioway Trail project.† Tom will work with Mark McFate our Ioway Trail webmaster to get the lyrics on our website.† Thanks very much for Tomís artistic efforts in developing this great inspirational song!!


Harry Graves, Laura Hawks, and Terry Dahms gave a report on the trail efforts of the Clear Creek Watershed board.†† Plans are underway to develop a trail from Coralville to Kent Park along Clear Creek.† Initial meetings with Landowners have been conducted and Terry highly recommended letting Landowners sell the trail to their neighbors rather than having a trail committee member sell the different landowners on trail development.† Laura mentioned she would forward a digital copy of their trail map to our webmaster Mark McFate.


Rod Scott with the Iowa River Greenbelt Resource Trust gave a presentation with regard to the efforts in Hardin County to develop a watertrail.† He shared his dream to develop a watertrail from Bellmont (SP?)all the way to the Mississippi River.†


Christa Perkins and Julie Ohde with Geode RC&D and the Louisa CCB discussed their interest in pursuing a water trail to the Mississippi.


The group thought there was a great deal of potential and interest to have a planning session with the different partners involved in developing a watertrail to the Mississippi.† The next Ioway Trail meeting is scheduled for March 7th at 10:00 AM at the Johnson County Conservation Center at Kent Park we will specifically plan a strategy to develop the Iowa River Watertrail to the Mississippi.