An informative brochure describing the Iowa River Canoe Trail from Montour to the Amanas was produced in 2004 through a collaboration of the Ioway Trail Steering Committee and the Iowa Valley RC&D. To view a copy of the brochure click here. To find out how you can help with this project click here and send an e-mail to the project team.

Producing and distributing the Iowa River Canoe Trail was our initial venture on this project. The canoe trail is currently unmarked on the Iowa River. We are currently raising money for signs along the river to mark the location of each access and both dams for canoers. Eventually, we plan to have specific float trips designated, facilities available (restrooms, camping and/or hotel accommodations) and access to local food providers.

Note: Use caution when canoeing the river. Portions of the Iowa River can be quite challenging. Currents can be swift and there are numerous downed trees, some of which are submerged. There are also two unmarked dams. The first is located approximately 3/8 of a mile upstream from the E49 bridge and the second is located at the Amana Millrace upstream from South Amana..