Thank You to all our Donors and Volunteers

The Ioway Trail Project exists due to the continued support of a core group of volunteers from our seven county area. Without their continued efforts we could not possibly succeed. We are also very grateful to all the businesses, organizations, public officials, and individuals who have supported us with their generous donations of time, space, expertise and/or financial assistance. 

If you would like to become involved with this trail as a volunteer, you are invited to come to our regular meeting (times, dates, and locations are listed on our calendar on this web site) or e-mail us at or call the Iowa Valley Resource Conservation & Development (IVRCD) office. 

If you are interested in making a financial donation to the Ioway Trail, donations can be sent to the Ioway Trail c/o

    Iowa Valley RC&D
    300 W. Welsh St.
    PO Box 87
    Williamsburg, IA 52361 

The Ioway Trail is a project of the Iowa Valley Resource Conservation and Development, a nonprofit, 501C3 Corporation. 


  • Bikes Belong
  • The Wesley & Irene Mansfield Charitable Fund
  • U. S. Cellular for Master Plan Development
  • Iowa Valley RC&D
  • Natural Resource Conservation Service
  • Iowa State University College of Design
  • Marengo Printing
  • Mark McFate
  • Ellen Van de Mark
  • Lincolnway Community Enrichment
  • Iowa County Board of Supervisors (Hotel/Motel Funds)
  • Roger Anderson
  • Rod Straub
  • Ruth Izer

The following groups or agencies have provided meeting rooms and exhibit space:

  • Iowa County
  • Iowa County Conservation Board
  • Iowa County Fair Board
  • City of Marengo
  • Amana Colonies
  • Tama County
  • Tama County Economic Development
  • Tama County Conservation Board
  • City of Tama
  • City of Toledo
  • Johnson County Conservation Board
  • Belle Plaine Community Center
  • Belle Plaine Library